Welcome to Kosmos 68, a blog dedicated to Zozer Games’ Traveller setting of the same name. Entries will give guidance on how to interpret the standard tables of Traveller (any version, though I’m a fan of Mongoose v1) into a Soviet ‘alternate future’. The goal is not to make up a new set of rules… Read More Welcome

Hammer & Callipers – Careers in Interkosmos

Use the Merchant template of your favourite version of Traveller to join Interkosmos, lifeblood of Soviet space. Interkosmos is the state-owned megacorporation responsible for shipping materials between the colony Republic worlds. Interkosmos alone is legally empowered to perform this task: anyone else is a pirate or a capitalist speculator. Close to Earth this system works… Read More Hammer & Callipers – Careers in Interkosmos

Defend your Motherland – from Space!

Each colony world has its own formation(s) of Union Defence Force (UDF) (Army). These include infantry, artillery, armour, atmospheric craft, and wet navy elements as necessary for their local conditions. Also included in this line up but often overlooked is Space Force (SF). Interstellar space is the responsibility of Rocket Corps. Everything close to home… Read More Defend your Motherland – from Space!

Notable NPC – General Kliment Yanovich Turov

565BB7. General Turov has a mixed reputation. Among the professional military he is viewed as an adventurer and a dangerous crackpot. His ideas about irregular warfare are considered unhinged from reality. Kliment doesn’t help himself when talking to these people with his brusqueness and arrogance, brushing aside their objections as a ‘lack of imagination’. Among… Read More Notable NPC – General Kliment Yanovich Turov

Planet Profile – Kagada-7: Deceptive Jewel

‘Kagada-7 (E6672606) is a beautiful world in the Kosmos 68 subsektor, location 0504. It sits on what should be an easy route bridging the gap between Bukan 0404 and Korsokovo 0503. Colonisation attempts have been unsuccessful as Kagada-7 appears to have the greatest concentration of hostile fauna and flora ever encountered.’ From Great Soviet Encyclopedia… Read More Planet Profile – Kagada-7: Deceptive Jewel