Welcome to Kosmos 68, a blog dedicated to Zozer Games’ Traveller setting of the same name. Entries will give guidance on how to interpret the standard tables of the original 2D6 sandbox science fiction RPG (any version, though I’m a fan of Cepheus Engine) into a Soviet ‘alternate future’. The goal is not to make... Continue Reading →

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Planet Profile – Korsokovo: Last fuel for 61 trillion kilometres

Korsokovo 0503 sits at the northeast corner of the Wilderness Circuit and is the refuelling spot for ships headed towards Vadino, and for refugee ships fleeing the warzone in K70. The main planet of the system is the third, an average sized world with dense atmosphere and 80% of its surface covered in deep, fertile... Continue Reading →

Avoid Parasitism: Get a Hobby!

From an early age, all comrades learn that one of the most important things in life is to be productive; to be actively engaged in living your life and not just passively existing. This becomes increasingly important as technology advances, bringing with it automation and intelligent anticipation of needs. While it is true that the... Continue Reading →

Food Security – Kosmos Trucker

By the 1960’s the alarm bells were ringing that life on Earth was increasingly threatened by its own success. The mathematics were clear: the people of Earth were headed for a crash. The easy culprit of overpopulation was seen as the problem: too many people competing for limited resources. But there was no easy solution... Continue Reading →

War with the Zhuki – Where We Stand

For most of its history, the USSP considered interest in and adoration of the military, firearms, and other instruments of war to be a sign of a juvenile mentality, fascism, or capitalist gangsterism. The military is simply a necessary duty and service, much like a fire brigade or trash collection. Mighty space fleets still existed,... Continue Reading →

Sleep your way between the stars

Most ships carrying passengers between the Republic worlds are licenced from a companion work cohort to Interkosmos called Kosmoflot (космофлот). Kosmoflot does not have monopoly rights in this activity, however. There are dozens of smaller carriers launched by other committees, and many corporations have the rights to transport their own people on their own ships... Continue Reading →

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